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Create a professional looking resume and cover letter from a selection of ready-made templates
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30 January 2009

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An appealing resume serves as a nearly guaranteed ticket for any job, as it details a candidate’s professional aptitude and suitability to any profile. However, if you are sick of sending your resume to various organizations without getting any constructive response, then your resume might be the culprit. In this situation, a suitable overhauling to your resume is highly called for. In order to get this done with immense ease, you can try out the new Sarmsoft Resume Builder 4.8.0. It supports the users in creating appealing resume and professional cover letter. It provides you with different professionally designed resume templates and cover letters, you can select from. The features of the program are also easy to navigate through, which support you in creating a proficiently written resume.

The Sarmsoft Resume Builder 4.8.0 helps you build a professionally written resume keeping in view all the necessary resume aspects as per employer’s perspective. Launching the application you would be shown ‘Create a new resume’ and ‘Open a resume’ features at the mid screen with tip of the day shown at right pane. By clicking the ‘Create a new resume’ option you can build a resume on your own, or you can select the latter option for using the sample resumes listed with the program. You can Browse, Open or Import a resume for new resume creation. If you select a tem plate for the purpose, the program would load the resume on right with different options placed on the left pane. You require entering the required data in the provided fields of different options that are; Biographical Data, Objective/Summary, Education History, Employment History, Honors/Awards, Skill Areas, Contacts, Setup, Published Sections and Date Format. Filling up the information correctly would build a perfect resume and cover page with program’s help and export it into HTML, Word, plain text, and HR-XMl formats. Then you can upload your resume using the FTP wizard, which eases you work. The benefits of the application’s features can be experienced by using it.

With the assistance of Sarmsoft Resume Builder 4.8.0 you can create impressive resumes and cover pages that certainly would catch the interest of the employers. With its smoothly operable options, variety of templates, and easily carried out resume creation process, the utility deserves to be rated with 4 points.

Publisher's description

Are you actively looking for a job, and need to send your resume to prospective employers? Have your Curriculum Vitae and want to make it into a great looking resume? Create a professional looking resume with cover letter with the help of Resume Builder.
With more than fifteen styles and numerous professionally designed templates to choose from, creating a great looking resume and cover page takes just minutes. A number of carefully chosen samples of resumes and cover letters quickly teach you how to create a great one for your particular industry.
To make the best impression to your prospective employer, it is essential to create a resume that is not just great looking, but is written clearly and proficiently. A perfect resume contains information about you that may interest the particular employer. Resume Builder allows you to choose what to include in your resume and in what order, allowing you to customize sections such as your biographical data, employment history, references, etc. There are over a dozen sections to include, and there is a spell checker to proof your resume before sending it out.
Are you about to apply for a job abroad? Create a resume in German, French, Portuguese, Spanish, Dutch, or Italian as easily as you would in English, thanks to Resume Builder's support for these languages.
When you have your resume designed, written and proofed, it's time to send it to prospective employers. No need to compose a number of messages one by one or purchase bulk mailers! Resume Builder can send your resume to as many email addresses as you provide, quickly and efficiently. If your employer accepts FTP uploads, Resume Builder will automate that for you too. If you need your resume on old-fashioned paper, Resume Builder prints it for you as well.
Resume Builder can easily export to HTML, Microsoft Word, HR-XML, and plain text formats.
Sarmsoft Resume Builder
Sarmsoft Resume Builder
Version 4.8
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